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Thank you for taking the time to visit and become acquainted with the many services this agency offers to the community. We hope that you will easily find the information you are in search of as you review our site. Not only is there information concerning the duties of the Sheriff's Office, but there are also many self help resources available to better assist you.


It is the mission of the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office to enforce the laws of the State of New Hampshire and the United States of America, faithfully and impartially; and to provide public safety services for the citizens, businesses, and other Law Enforcement Agencies within our jurisdiction, emphasizing professionalism, cooperation, competence and integrity, in order to foster a partnership which will preserve and improve the quality of life in Rockingham County.


Update: Motor Vehicle Accident Reports

House Bill 347 was introduced in the State legislation to reverse the previous law that changed the practice of disseminating information (Driver’s information) at accident scenes.  On June 19th, Governor Sununu signed in the law that amended this change. (NH HB437 Text)

This means local police departments can facilitate the exchange of information between involved parties in an accident and can release the accident reports to those involved. 

Rockingham County Sheriff's Office charges a $10.00 fee for accident reports.

Are You Ready In The Event Of A Disaster?

Disasters can happen at any time, without warning. Are you prepared? Do you have an emergency kit in your home? Do you have an emergency plan ready for your family? To increase the preparedness of individuals and households in New Hampshire, the NH Department of Safety Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management created the ReadyNH campaign. This is a free resource to help you and your family be better prepared in the event of a disaster. You can find more information on the ReadyNH Website.

NH Alerts App

The New Hampshire Department of Safety has announced the launch of its NH Alerts Mobile App, a free tool that notifies users of hazards in their area based on cellphone location. The app provides warnings via an audible alert to inform the user of potential hazards ahead. The types of alerts received are customizable and this app is compatible with iPhone® & Android™ devices. For more information please visit the NH Alerts Page at ReadyNH.Gov

Don't have a Smartphone? You can sign up to receive emergency information by landline here.


The Opioid Epidemic

An opioid and prescription drug abuse epidemic is sweeping New Hampshire and the rest of the country, impacting all segments of society.To help raise awareness of this epidemic and to help educate young people on the dangers of addiction, the FBI and DEA have released the documentary Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict, a compilation of heart-wrenching first-person accounts by addicts and family members of addicts about their experiences.

To watch or learn more about this documentary, please visit www.fbi.gov/ChasingTheDragon.

Unfortunately, New Hampshire is no stranger to this epidemic. We hear about it in the news daily and many of us may know of a loved one, a neighbor, or an acquaintance impacted by substance abuse.

The Moser family lost their son, Adam, in 2015 to a fentanyl overdose. Jim and Jean Moser have been working to raise awareness of this epidemic by sharing Adam's story and promoting the "Zero Left" initiative. This is an initiative that targets the reduction of pills left in medicine cabinets and prevent easy access to opioids and other medications.

To view the documentary click here.

To learn more about the "Zero Left" initiative, you can watch the YouTube video or download the brochure here.

**Please note that these documentaries may contain some foul language or images that may be disturbing to some viewers.**

Rockingham County Narcotics Tip Line

The Rockingham County Sheriff's Department has set up a Narcotics Tip Line so that individuals can report suspected drug activity. Tipsters may remain anonymous or leave his/her name and phone number for a follow up by a Deputy. Messages left on the Tip Line are checked on a regular basis.

How to make a report

  • Leave a message on the Tip Line at (603) 679-9497
  • Please include the following:
    • Location of the activity
    • A description of what was observed
    • A description of the person(s) or vehicles involved
    • Date and time of the occurence.
    • Your contact information (optional)