High Sheriff Charles Massahos
New Hampshire Sheriffs authority comes from Part #2 Article 71 of the NH State Constitution and NH RSA 104:6. All NH Sheriffs are elected every 2 years and are the chief law enforcement officer in their county.

NH Constitution Part #2 Article 71:
The county treasurers, registers of probate, county attorneys, sheriffs and registers of deeds, shall be elected by the inhabitants of the several towns, in the several counties in the state, according to the method now practiced, and the laws of the state, Provided nevertheless the legislature shall have authority to alter the manner of certifying the votes, and the mode of electing those officers; but not so as to deprive the people of the right they now have of electing them.

RSA 104:6:
    I. Sheriffs and their deputies shall have throughout the state the same power and authority to serve criminal or civil processes, investigate crimes and to pursue and apprehend criminals that they have in their respective counties. 
    II. Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, sheriffs and their deputies shall have authority to enforce civil orders issued by any court.

Major Darin Melanson
Directs and coordinates the activities of the department’s four divisions by performing second-in-command law enforcement duties including the oversight of departmental supervisors for service of judicial process, criminal investigations, prisoner transportation, courtroom security, and operations. Reports to the Sheriff who evaluates the adequacy, accuracy and attainment of program results. Consults with the sheriff on matters relating to the interpretation of policy and budget administration.

  • Directs Crisis Management and conducts operational inspections
  • Enforces Department’s general orders, rules and regulations.
  • Creates and implements standard operating procedures.
  • Directs management of internal affairs investigations for Sheriff’s Department and other county police departments.
  • Conducts public relations.
  • Coordinates development of annual budget with all divisions, makes recommendations to Sheriff and assists in presentation of proposed budget for approval.
  • Administers department’s budget and reviews expenditures regularly and must approve high-dollar amounts of expenditures.
  • Directs personnel management to include writing policies, overseeing liability issues, conducting training and performing evaluations.
  • Oversees emergency management planning (EMA & HSEM).
  • Oversees law enforcement and service of civil process.
  • Manages state transportation staging area in conjunction with State of NH Homeland Security Emergency Management for the Seabrook Nuclear Plant.
  • Oversees the production of the Annual Report.

Captain Jim Lussier
Operations Commander

The Operations Commander is responsible for the effective and efficient management of the overall general operations of the department. Supervising Transport, Electronic Services, Special Services, Patrol Unit, Warrants Unit and Reserve Deputy Unit. 

  • Remains on call to authorize nationwide extraditions including personnel and funding.
  • Coordinates purchasing and maintains inventory of uniforms and equipment.
  • Directs the recruitment and hiring process for all departmental law enforcement positions.
  • Reviews criminal investigations and oversees motor vehicle law enforcement.
  • Plans and coordinates staffing assignments for special community and regional events.
  • Assumes command of operations in emergencies and oversees vehicle fleet operations.
  • Takes, assesses and responds to citizen and attorney complaints/concerns regarding civil and criminal issues.
  • Provides information to attorneys, courts and the general public regarding processes, procedures, hearings and pending cases.

Lieutenants in the four divisions work under the general supervision of and are directly accountable to the operations commander who evaluates their job performance for adequacy, accuracy and results achieved. The lieutenants consult the operations commander on policy interpretation, discipline, training and budget administration. The lieutenants efficiently and effectively manage the electronic services division and the transportation division of the sheriff’s department.

Administrative Services Division:
Division Commander: Lt. Kevin Walsh

  • Serves as terminal agency coordinator for the county and as training coordinator for the Department.
  • Designs, coordinates and assesses the needs of the dispatch center.
  • Serves as liaison to the New Hampshire Department of Safety, Bureau of Emergency Management.
  • Performs critical examinations of fugitive matters with extradition authority.
  • Acts as management commander at critical events.
  • Coordinates mass casualty response procedures
  • Directs the recruitment and hiring process for all dispatcher positions and conducts background checks on new employees.
  • Acts as department training officer.

Court Services Division:
Division Commander: Lt. Shanon Goff

  • Assumes responsibility for security of the Rockingham County Courthouse, personnel, the public and the premises.
  • Coordinates the secure transportation of prisoners to seven (7) district courts, four (4) family courts, Probate Court, and Superior Court in Rockingham County.
  • Oversees staffing, training, and scheduling for all Bailiffs.

The sergeants work under the general supervision of the division lieutenants and supervise subordinate officers and civilian employees to ensure that these subordinates perform their duties in accordance with the department’s rules, policies, general orders and mission statement.

Court Services Division:
Supervisor: Sgt. Chris Bashaw

  • Coordinates and schedules prisoner transports for deputies.
  • Transports prisoners and assures their custody and control while in court.
  • Provides courtroom security as well as overall security for the entire building complex
Warrants Division/Investigations:
Supervisor: Sgt. Marshall Bennett

  • Reviews criminal investigations and motor vehicle summonses.
  • Inspects vehicles, uniforms and weapons of the deputies.
  • Takes, assesses and responds to citizen and attorney complaints/concerns regarding criminal issues.
  • Provides information to attorneys, courts and the general public regarding processes, procedures, hearings and pending cases.
  • Arrests individuals on warrants and extradites fugitives
  • Conducts internal investigations and makes recommendations to the department.
  • Conducts criminal investigations occurring at the County Jail, the County Complex, or at the request of town departments.
  • Conducts background investigations on new hires and makes hiring recommendations.
Patrol Division:
Supervisor: Sgt. Richard Pappalardo
  • Controls traffic, enforces laws and investigates accidents.
  • Executes service of civil process and District Court bench warrants
  • Takes, assesses and responds to citizen and attorney complaints/concerns regarding civil issues
  • Serves court orders and civil process
  • Inspects all vehicles, uniforms and weapons of department personnel.
  • Acts as the quartermaster for the agency.

Office Administrator:
Supervisor: Martha Breen

The Office Administrator is responsible for budget preparation, fiscal management, human resources and payroll administration, the formulation and implementation of agency policies, and agency representation at various professional and organizational meetings. This individual also performs the following administrative and managerial duties.

  • Provides assistance to the High Sheriff on special projects by performing designated managerial responsibilities and completing those projects.
  • Researches and compiles data, generates reports, and provides assistance with the planning and coordination of agency activities.
  • Prepares the annual compensation budget and assists with the preparation of the operations budget.
  • Tracks expenses against budget appropriations and verifies monthly expenditures.
  • Compiles information for budget estimates including projected increases for employment contract renewals, insurance premiums, equipment purchases and the other line items.
  • Ensures the accuracy of financial transactions and the adequacy of income and expense records.
  • Supervises and evaluates the job performance of subordinates.
  • Maintains personnel, attendance, leave, payroll and compensation records.
  • Purchases equipment and office supplies.
  • Originates purchase orders, reviews billings and issues warrants for accounts payable and receivable.
  • Compiles information and prepares the annual report.
  • Ensures that the confidentiality of records is preserved.
  • Formulates procedures for systematic retention, protection, retrieval, transfer and disposal of records.
  • Maintains good communication and working relationships with other county agencies.
  • Assists the department with citizen responses and public relations initiatives.
  • Manages the processing of civil documents

Assistant Office Administrator:
Katherin Mann

Performs complex accounting analysis and provides administrative and supervisory support to facilitate the effective functioning of the Sheriff’s Department by carrying out the following duties:

  • Lends assistance to the Office Administrator with all aspects of department operations including personnel, budget, payroll, grants and administrative support.
  • Compiles data, prepares reports, drafts forms and works on special projects.
  • Processes the accounts payable and receivable including collections.
  • Reconciles budget appropriations and revenues with expenditures.
  • Ensures the accuracy of financial reports, income statements, and expense records.
  • Serves as liaison to vendors and the finance department for research and problem solving.
  • Prepares purchase orders, checks billings and notifies the Supervisor of discrepancies.
  • Creates and maintains efficient accounting systems and processes.
  • Organizes and maintains multiple databases and filing systems.
  • Maintains statistical and inventory records and prepares reports.
  • Performs clerical duties including word processing, filing, collating and photocopying.
  • Greets visitors/callers, provides information, and directs parties to appropriate offices.
  • Assists with the orientation of new staff and with the training, scheduling and supervision of volunteers.