Administrative Services Division

The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office Administrative Services Division is comprised of three sections which include Dispatch, Information Technology (IT) and Radio Maintenance which are overseen by Division Commander, Lt. Kevin Walsh. All three sections work cohesively to maintain emergency communication for the citizens of Rockingham County.


The Rockingham County Dispatch Center is comprised of 4 Dispatch Supervisors, 13 Dispatchers, and several on-call (part-time) Dispatchers. These men and women are responsible for emergency communications for 25 Police Departments and 18 Fire/EMS agencies 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In addition to these responsibilities the dispatch center is the primary emergency notification point for incidents at the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant and several dams and dikes within the county.

Information Technology (IT):

The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office IT is run by Network Administrator, Brynda Poggi. She is responsible for maintaining all computers and software that are utilized by the department. This includes the computer aided dispatching and records management program from Tritech Inc.’s Information Management Corporation (IMC). The IT Administrator also assists local police and fire agencies with their computer related issues when requested. He has set up a wireless network that allows any police vehicle with a wireless computer service to connect to the dispatch center to receive calls for service and sensitive information over the IMC software.

Radio Maintenance:

The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office Radio Network is run by Chief Engineer, Tobias Dannhausen. Tobias is responsible for planning, maintenance and repair of all communications equipment. This includes various communication sites and microwave network, dispatch console infrastructure, upfitting of Sheriff's Office vehicles, maintaining records & ensuring the department is complying with FCC standards & schedules. In addition, Tobias assists local communities with their emergency communication needs.



Mobile Incident Field Office (MIFO):

The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office maintains a 20’ GMC box truck equipped with radio banks, computers and equipment needed for a tactical incident that can be dispatched and set up anywhere in the county when requested. This vehicle can be utilized in such instances as hostage situations, natural disasters, large events and for the State Transportation Staging Area in the event of an evacuation from the Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant.