Patrol Division / Civil

The thirty seven communities in Rockingham County are divided into seven patrol areas. Deputy Sheriffs who are assigned to these areas are responsible for service of civil process that includes:

  • Evictions, Civil Orders & Writs
  • Landlord Tenant Issues
  • Law Enforcement Assistance to Other Agencies
  • Civil Warrants
  • Restraining Orders
  • Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Fugitive Apprehension and Transportation

Each Deputy is assigned a marked police cruiser which is equipped with radar and a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) or laptop. This tool gives each deputy access to the State Police On Line Telecommunications System (SPOTS). This tool enables deputies to conduct investigations while in the field. This relieves some of the high demand the dispatch center receives daily.

The MDT also has a direct link to the internal Information Management Corporation(IMC) system. Deputies are able to write their reports while in the field and then export them to a mainframe computer at headquarters. The benefit is that deputies can remain in the field longer and serve the needs of the public more efficiently.

The Patrol / Civil Division continues to experience a high level of requests for service of documents particularly in light of the current economic conditions. Additionally, deputies have been involved in several traffic enforcement initiatives that contribute to making the roads in Rockingham County safer for the motoring public. Those initiatives have included DWI Hunter, Operation Safe Commute and Rockingham County Speed Enforcement Patrols. All of these initiatives were funded by the New Hampshire Highway Safety Agency.

Patrol Division deputies while on patrol in their respective areas are also on the lookout for the recent increasing trend of daytime burglaries. They bring a law enforcement presence inside our neighborhoods that enhance safety to the public, their homes and businesses.