The Department received from Carol Smith of Portsmouth some historical documents that belonged to her great grandfather, Deputy Sheriff Wilbur Shaw.  Deputy Shaw became a deputy in 1909.  These papers included his appointment, a newspaper clipping about the “Young Blood” of the Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Ceylon Spinney, Deputy Shaw and Deputy Jack Philbrick, a picture of Deputy Shaw and his log book for the year 1914.  We have transcribed some of the more interesting entries to post on this page.  1914 was during prohibition and a lot of the entries deal with raiding alcohol making enterprises in various parts of the county, as well as a few suspicious deaths and murders.






Wilbur Blake Shaw

Deputy Sheriff and Jailer for Rockingham County

Jail was on Penhallow St., Portsmouth, NH







Posts from the 1914 Journal of Deputy Wibur Shaw

Saturday, February 28  – “Investigating the Mary Leonard drowning.”

Thursday, March 5 – “Went to Epping with Mr. Spinney and Mr. Tilton and drove to Raymond and  searched the Café and Langford’s Hotel.  Nothing found.  Came home in the morning on the train.”

Monday, April 13 – Went to Haverhill with Mr. Spinney and Mr. Guptill and Capt. Shannon  and Inspector Hussey to the trotting park.  Found the man supposed to be Charlies Wilde.  He was not the man.”

Sunday May 17 – “In Londonderry with Spinney and Guptill in the Irving Chase suicide”

Friday, May 22 – “In Seabrook with Spinney and Guptill and arrested Lewis Beckman for keeping a disorderly house.”

Saturday, May 23 – “In Seabrook and raided James Gallagher alias John Doe for liquor.  Paid fine of $102.60. Went to Northwood and found nothing.”

Monday, May 25 – “Went to Concord in the evening with Mr. Guptill and Spinney and took Charles Frost of Fremont to the insane hospital.”

Saturday, June 20 – “Went to Exeter with Mr. Guptill and Mr. Spinney and brought back Mary Folsom for killing her husband.”

Monday, June 22 – “Went to Raymond with Mr. Spinney to investigate the assault case of Geo. Robinson.”

Tuesday, June 23 – “Took Mrs. Mary R. Folsom to Concord in the auto accompanied by Mrs. Selinis Simpson.”

Wednesday, June 24 – “Went to North Hampton with Mr. Spinney and Guptill and investigated Elisa Card case.”

Friday, June 26 – “Went to North Hampton with Mr. Spinney and Mr. Guptill and brought in Phillip Hobbs insane.”

Saturday, July 18 – “Went to Danville and raided Bernard Hoyt. Tilton, Guptill, Spinney.  Went to Hampton and raid Flanders. 3 kegs half struck, Jug cider, 3 empty kegs,  Pitcher with fresh beer on the cellar stairs, 2 bags full of empty bottles.”

Monday, July 20 – “Went to Exeter and got Wallace C. Chase’s two children with Wallace and Mr. Guptill.  Went to Hampton and tried Leslie Flanders for Keeping for Sale.  Guptill and Spinney.  30 days in Jail, Suspended,  costs $34.35.”

Tuesday, July 21 – “Went to Derry and tried Bernard Hoyt.  Fine $25 costs of $50.34.  1 month in jail Suspended.”

Tuesday, July 28 – “Went to Seabrook and raided Frank Bassette, Fred Moore and the Inn at the old post office.”

Tuesday August 11 – “At Exeter and Hampton with Mr. Guptill and Mr. Spinney.  Took James Karigan from Exeter here and took Phillip Hobbs to court in Hampton.”

Wednesday, August 12 – “In Hampton with Mr. Guptill and Mr. Spinney on the Philip Hobbs case.”

Saturday, August 15 – “At Otis Jenness with Mr. Guptill and Spinney raiding.  Pleaded guilty and paid fine of $25 and costs of $27.02.  In Exeter in the afternoon.”

Tuesday, August 18 – “In Exeter and Greenland in the Nielan forgery investigation.”

Wednesday, August 19 – “ In North Hampton with Nileam and Guptill and took Mable Birchall to Portsmouth.”

Thursday, August 20 – “In Epping investigating the death of John North.”

Saturday, August 22 –“Went to Greenland and arrested John McKenzie with Spinney.  Went to Hampton and see Joe Langford for Marion.  Went to Derry and raided W.C. Allen in the evening.  Found Jug rum in the wood box, 1 pint and part of pint whiskey and 8 bottles of beer in the ice chest and 47 empties in the shed and also 3 cans of beer in bags.”

Sunday, August 23 – “Went to Epping and raided several Italian places and visited the Allen place in Derry”

Sunday, September 27 – “At Rye in afternoon at Austins.  At Dover in the evening on the John S. Rowe case, horse stealing.”

Monday, September 28 – “In Greenland in the evening with Mr. Guptill and Mr. Spinney on the Leavitt horse case.”

Saturday, October 24 – “In Deerfield with Mr. Guptill and Mr. Spinney on the Winnie Noyes case.   Marion Fogg was enticed to her home and would not stay in her own home.  Mrs. Noyes set the dogs on the little Fogg boy and they bit him on the leg and thigh.”

Saturday, November 14 – “In town all day.  Mr. Spinney went to Auburn and brought down Stacey for shooting a man.”

Thursday, November 26 – “In Hampton with Chares Quinn on the Sperry Ladle case”

Friday, November 27 –“ Went to Hampton in the evening with Mr. Spinney to investigate the holdup at Hampton Station.”

Friday December 4 – “In town until evening and went to Greenland with Mr. Spinney to investigate the row at George Tuttle’s house.”

Thursday, December 17 – “At court.  In Greenland with Mr. Spinney and Guptill and arrested George Davis for assault and George Tuttle for disorderly home.  Davis 30 days in jail.  Tuttle 3 months in Brentwood.”

Wednesday, December 23 – “Took Arthur Jones to State Prison, 1 ½ to 3 years.”

Wednesday, December 30 – “Went to Nottingham with Guptill and Miss Quinn on the Mary Burns murder case.”